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Vegan Bread Spreads

Vegetable enjoyment – on a slice of bread or as a dip

If you want more than just a vegetable bread spread, then the purely vegetable bread spreads by “GrünKraft” are an ideal choice. For our “Hafer Streich & Dip” [oat spread & dip] can do more! Of course, you can spread it on your slice of bread, but thanks to its creamy texture, it is also an ideal dip. A real enjoyment that comes in three yummy flavours. All based on regional, Bavarian oats.

Vegan bread spreads are getting more and more popular

Conscious nutrition today looks like this!

Vegan bread spreads are a prime trend with nutritionally conscious people. More and more Germans are reducing their consumption of animal products, or are cutting them out altogether. With “GrünKraft”, we at Bauer offer a whole assortment of purely vegetable products, and the choice grows all the time. Our new, purely vegetable bread spreads are a further option for flexitarians and for all who want to keep a vegan diet. A contribution to conscious nutrition today, featuring three innovative recipes, a real enjoyment for every taste. And sustainability is also getting its fair share, since we use oats grown in our beautiful Bavaria as the vegetable base.

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Vegetable, natural, sustainable enjoyment!

With oats – without artificial additives

Today’s conscious nutrition not only differentiates between animal products and vegetable products. Another decisive element is the basis on which the vegetable products are grown. We have taken the deliberate decision to go for oats – oats from Bavaria. It not only has a real home field advantage, saving unnecessary transports, it also provides additional sustainable benefits which make it our first choice:

  • in contrast to soybeans, almonds and the like, it does not contain any allergens
  • compared to the usual almond base used for bread spreads, it only needs 0.9% of the water required for growing it
  • compared to all other bases used for milk alternatives, oats has the lowest CO2 emissions

A very good choice, we find. And since more is always possible – and since we want to achieve even more –, we’ve also done away with preservatives, artificial flavouring substances, flavour enhancers, artificial colourants, and we don’t add any sugar. Enjoy “GrünKraft Hafer Streich & Dip”: it tastes good and does you good!

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On bread, as a dip, for cooking

Enjoy the new vegan all-rounder

Since it is so easy to spread, “Hafer Streich & Dip” is of course ideally suited as a bread spread. But thanks to its creamy texture, you can also use it as an ideal dip – for classic salty snacks, fresh veggie sticks, or tasty nachos: Dip, dip, hurray! And the creamy texture comes with yet another benefit: “Hafer Streich & Dip” sports its all-round talent even when cooking, e.g. when thickening or refining sauces. Try it, enjoy it, and find yourself just as enthusiastic as we are.

The three flavours are “Natur” [natural] – the all-rounder with the neutral taste you also can use as a creamily tender base underneath hearty sandwich layers; “Kräutergarten” [herb garden] – wonderfully tasting of fresh garden herbs; and “Paprika-Chili” [paprika chili] – for all those who like it a bit hotter sometimes; and thanks to this range, everybody’s sure to find their favourite personal enjoyment. All three appetizing flavours come in a convenient and sustainable 150g K3 cup – of course without a slip lid. After all, we also want the environment to like our taste!


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