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Safety is important – not only on the road

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Our customers enjoy our quality and our products, our farmers enjoy our appreciation and our trust. In order to ensure this quality at all times, the milk is subjected to continuous controls at the time of pickup, starting right at the farm itself. But it’s not only with regard to the products we deliver to our customers that we won’t accept any compromise; the cows, too, are to have good food. When feeding these cows, we attach great importance to quality, that’s why our farmers exclusively use fodder without any genetic engineering. Since 2011, our milk is officially certified, bearing the seal “Ohne Gentechnik” [without genetic engineering].

By the way, hygiene is quite a clean case for us, as well. Milk production is subject to seamless controls starting at the farm and has to comply with strict stipulations. Here, our milk producers are doing a great job. More than 96% of the raw milk we receive attains class “S”, the highest quality class for raw milk.

And that’s not all: Once on our premises, the milk is once again tested very thoroughly and only accepted for the manufacturing process if it is absolutely flawless. We at Bauer are making dairy products, not compromises.

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In order to turn our delicious milk into delicious products, we pick up the milk wherever possible logistically at our farmers’ on a daily basis. This not at all usual these days, and only very few dairies go to these lengths. Once the milk has arrived on our premises, it is controlled the same day, gets gently pasteurized, and is then processed in our state-of-the-art production facilities. For we simply can’t wait to turn it into delicious, fresh Bauer products like yoghurt, cheese, or pudding. In view of so much control, you may feel at ease to just close your eyes and enjoy.

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As regional as they come


Since 2021, we have been making our product “Der Große Bauer” exclusively from milk supplied by farmers within an approx. 80km radius around our dairy. That is sustainable and good for our climate. For thus the raw milk does not have to be transported for any long distances. In order to turn our delicious milk into delicious products, we pick up the milk wherever possible logistically at our farmers’ on a daily basis. After all, why should we do this differently? Our region with its lush pastures, great climate and an ideal geographical situation offers simply optimal conditions for dairy farming. And we want you to be able to taste our love for the Alpine foothills – in every cup of yoghurt and every slice of cheese.



We at Bauer want to offer a home for everyone. So it may come as no surprise that we fulfill the wish of many of our customers and are now also offering completely vegetable yoghurt and cheese alternatives. But again: no compromises here either, not with the recipe, not with the taste, not with the quality. So everyone who prefers a purely vegetable product but doesn’t want to lose out on taste will find great things at Bauer.

Our new, purely vegetable cheese alternative “Bauern-Scheibe” is made with olive oil containing lots of unsaturated fatty acids. But actually, our “Bauern-Scheibe” excels even more by what it does not contain. It is made:

without palm or coconut oil
without preservatives
without artificial flavouring substances
without flavour enhancers
without genetic engineering
without hydrogenated fats

But actually we are known for our yoghurts, which is why our “Hafer trifft Frucht” [oats meets fruit] is bound to hit the mark in terms of taste with the ever-growing number of health-conscious and pleasure-conscious customers. Our purely vegetable yoghurt alternatives are available in four delicious flavours. Incidentally, also as “Natur ungesüßt” [natural unsweetened]. Of course, all of them on the high levels of quality and taste you’re used to with us. Bauer standard, anything but standard.


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