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Only 1% of all companies in Germany are more than 100 years old. We are proud to be part of this special group. There are many reasons for long-term success, but if you ask us, we see the secret in the fact that we as a family have always known best what’s good for us and for our way of doing things. Healthy growth, in harmony with an intact nature and the people around us, have always been important for us. Entrepreneurial decisions have always been discussed in the family council. In our heart, we’ve always been entrepreneurs, and at the same time we’ve been led by values and our tradition, looking into the future. And this is exactly the tradition which will make sure that in a few years we will be able to celebrate our 150th anniversary. Together with you as our happy customers. 

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When they hear the name Bauer, most people either think of a farmer (German: Bauer) or of a fruit yoghurt. Both are right and belong together. For its with the help of farmers that we’ve become one of the most successful manufacturers of fruit yoghurt in Germany. “Der Große Bauer” with is more than 40 variants and flavours is living proof of our “milk and fruit competence”, our defining factor as a brand since the early 1970s. There’s hardly a refrigerated shelf in Germany where you don’t find it. But what many people do not know: It all started back in 1887 with cheese, which we still have in our product portfolio, in many variants and with great success. Even if our cheese may be a bit overshadowed by the popularity of its “big brother”, its taste well deserves a place in the limelight. Many of our customers have become big fans. Are you already one of them?

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We look back on a long history. But the best stories still remain to be written. Since the beginning, it has always been part of our self-image to be ahead of our time and to set new milestones time and time again. While at the same time living our tradition. Doing the one without leaving the other. Meaning: We are a milk-processing dairy company situated in the beautiful Alpine foothills region, and for many years we have been working together well and with a valuable sense of partnership with the farmers of our region. This is how it always has been, and this is how it will remain. But of course, we also answer the wishes of our ever-growing number of customers in terms of alternative, sustainable ways and products. And so we have set another milestone, launching the “GrünKraft” brand. “GrünKraft”, meaning “green power”, is a portfolio of vegetable cheese and yoghurt alternatives based on olive oil or oats, respectively.

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As a company in the beautiful Alpine foothills region, nature has always been part of our personal nature as well. It can be found in our purist way of thinking. It is part of this self-image that we permanently question our production processes, ingredients, and of course packaging materials as to whether they still make sense. Our aim is always the taste, but we are also concerned about the way to achieve this aim. This also reflects our responsibility towards the people, towards animals, and towards nature. And since we prefer doing to talking, we’ve launched “GrünKraft” on the market. This new competence brand is practically the proof that we take purism very seriously. That’s why this most recent generation of our cheese alternative “Bauern-Scheibe” only consists of olive oil, German potato starch, and water. Our vegetable yoghurt alternatives “Hafer trifft Natur” [oats meets nature] and “Hafer trifft Frucht” [oats meets fruit] are made on the basis of Bavarian oats grown and harvested in the region. It doesn’t take much to do good, but it does take good things. And if it tastes good as well, everybody’s happy.

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